About Us
About Us

Default Prevention, Inc, (Default Prevention.com), was formed in 1998 to develop an efficient, economical ,
secure internet based default prevention program that integrates all Title IV participants into a single
source for default prevention; additionally, to promote awareness and planning among schools, borrowers, and Title IV particpants.

Schools should develop their default prevention program with their student and borrower in mind; hence,
benefiting in the long run with a sustainable and manageable official student loan default rate.

Default Prevention, Inc. utilizes an internet based program created on the principle that students
come first; however, the value of lowering the default rate to schools should not be downplayed.

Angie Klabacka, Founder

The loss of federal aid affects both institutions and students. Our product is designed to work as a complete full service default prevention entity, or to allow institutions the ability to utilize our default prevention platform for their in house default prevention plan; whereby, Default Prevention .com's infrastructure is supported by institutional resources.

In addition, Default Prevention .com provides training to help schools implement the plan, or parts of the plan.

Schools should also remember that once a default rate is under control, maintenance is required to keep it that way.

Contacting your students has always played a major role in any default prevention plan, and DPI has maximized every effort to offer the most complete student contact reports available.

  • Default Prevention, Inc. (DPi) was founded in January 1998.
  • Angie has been assisting delinquent student loan borrowers since 1990.
  • As a full service default prevention company, DPI offers a complete default prevention package from the initial default prevention plan through the final Cohort Default Rate (CDR) appeal process, and everything in between.