Mission Statement

It is the mission of DefaultPrevention.com (DefaultPrevention.com), to provide *Front-End Driven ,
**Back-End Supported, web based default prevention systems and services to the higher education community and qualified
Title IV participants, in order to positively impact the repayment of student loans.

*Front End Driven- Front end processes are driven by institutional staff and currently attending students.
In addition to entrance interviews, all incoming students are required to provide 5 personal references which are verified; additionally,
financial aid personnel will use a national default prevention historical database to log phone numbers, addresses, references, and related notes which
then become available to other qualified Title IV participants.

** Back End Supported- Back end support provides the necessary resources to carry out a successful default aversion plan by utilizing the data provided during
the front end process. Including all communications with students, lenders, guarantors, servicers, and institutional departments.